Easy to deploy, highly localised and semi-automized web portals, guides and sites

Eventz.today Smart City Platform specialises in providing live, location based event and attraction guides to the travel and tourist industry, to local government and to those managing and marketing destinations.

Very simply, we curate event information from global partners such as Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, Meet-up and Facebook plus a raft of local ticketing companies, box-offices and event creators to present a single view of the amazing experiences going on in your town, your city or around your destination.

Our flexible platform can either integrate into your existing websites or application, or can act as a standalone website with optional apps built to be managed with a single management console.

We pride ourselves on being quick and easy to work with. We can have a demo up and running for you in just a couple of days and a fully live service in about a week.

We are also very cost effective! We operate with a small set-up fee and then a monthly license, meaning you get a fully operational and functional service branded to your needs, with no development fee. You also benefit from new, free of charge features that we add to the platform every month.

We can also help to commercialise your portal by integrating ad networks, offering local business subscriptions, creating brand take-overs on you landing page and curating feeds and subscriptions.

We are here to help! We offer easy to follow staff training sessions and regular client calls to make sure that you and your team are getting the best out of the service.

Eventz.today Smart City Platform comes with content

To get things started, we do the heavy lifting with our “out-of-the-box” content channels from our partners. This ensures that there is always something new for your audience to discover. We can also add information from local attractions – museums, galleries, parks, monuments, historic places and cinemas.

On top of this you and your customers can log-in to your portal (see for example our global demo: www.eventz.today or city demo at: Helsinki City) to add your own information, such as local sporting events, festivals, markets, fundraisers, charity events and market days.

To take things a step further you can choose to crowd-source content, where you invite local businesses or communities to contribute.

And finally, we are delighted to integrate with any third-party content services or affiliate programs. Integrations to TripAdvisor, Yelp, Viator or other global services are easily enabled. Our existing integrations already include vast number of sources for example: Facebook, Meet-up, Ticketmaster International, Eventbrite, and TicketWeb.co.uk to name few. 

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Choose your categories

With so much rich content available, merchandising is key. Quite simply, you choose the combination of categories that you want to display.

You might start with a basic offering of Art and Culture, Food and Drink, and Music and Entertainment and then choose to add “Places” (historic buildings, beaches, parks and monuments). You could add “Outdoor” activities to detail hiking or bi-cycle routes or city marathon paths, or our “Gig-finder” category which helps your visitors to explore the local music scene. Then there’s “Attractions & Tours” (in collaboration with Viator) showcasing interesting tours and tourist attractions in your city. And to make sure we are not forgetting cinema lovers a guide for the local movies is one click away.

And the best thing is that you can switch categories on and off to reflect your priorities or seasonality.

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When you partner with Eventz.today you are tapping into a global events and attractions database that pulls in data from the likes of Facebook, Eventbrite, Meet-up and Ticketmaster and many local event providers to create the ultimate one stop shop for travel, tourist and local community information.


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